Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Group Hug: 2 Many Faces

Here is the fourth installment of Operation Eagle Claw! Now some readers may recognize this brick building due to the fact that I did a drawing of a 20mgwheat paste in the exact same spot. Needless to say that was painted over and wheat pasters from all over the City of Angels bum rushed this wall. With Shepard Fairy’s Andre Has a Posse along side Old Chola, Bandit and a few I don’t know the names for; this seems to be a preverbial Mickey Mouse Club of wheat pasters in Los Angeles. Due to the fact that this is part of Operation Eagle Claw one can assume that all this has been painted over…..and it has.

One of the things I realized while doing this drawing is that pasters in L.A. love faces. Whether or not this is positive or negative is yet to be determined, in the mean time look towards this video for guidance.

Location: Between 4th and 5th on your eastside while heading north bound.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Los Angeles Sprays Itself: Live!

Okay chiefs, Los Angeles Sprays Itself is having its first ever gallery show opening on Thursday, November 29th from 6-9 pm….and………YOU’RE ALL INVITED!! That’s right, if you want to see all of the drawings that have appeared on this blog over the last few months then come on down to Mullin Gallery located at Occidental College 1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles CA, 90041.

This should be loads of fun and also I hope to make a limited run of hand silk screened shirts that will be given away the night of the show.

So consult the drawing for the information I have already given you, or if you want an a formal invitation MAILED TO YOU, send your address to theyarnbarn AT gmail dot com. I will send you copy of this drawing(with extra goodies) and I will even cover postage!!

Okay kids, remember to keep livin’ in the RED.

Location:Mullin Gallery at Occidental College 1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles CA, 90041

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mullet or Optimus Prime (UPDATE)

(Thanks to Just Taking Space for the help. He tells me that he goes by Mullet or Graffism.)

Much like the time and craftsmanship one must commit to build their own transformer costume, Los Angeles’s Mullet is nothing short of Optimus Prime.

Arguably the most widely recognized wheatpaste in Los Angeles, this Mullet is someone who has been going to strong and doesn’t show many signs of stopping. I have been reluctant to post about this supposed bandit due to the fact that I can find close to information on the person, thus not being the resource that I hoped to be.

As far the wheatpaste placement itself, I like how he channeled the marketing scheme of commercial companies on buildings being built. Meaning that they paste tons and tons of what every their advertising, in this case there are 15 wheatpastes at this exact location. I sometimes wish that Mullet would expand his rhetoric, possibly bringing a second color. I know that he sometimes does one of his hands making “LA” which I am sort of into.

O.K. well thanks for reading my Xanga guys, I really appreciate it, and remember don’t lead Fred Durst on.

Location:The southwest corner of the intersection 5th and Spring in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Space Invader Stops Wildfires

Being that all of Southern California is currently on fire, I thought it apropoe(sp.) to feature someone whose work is fire resistant. Yep, you guessed it, I am talking about the Parisian street artist Space Invader.

For those of you readers who may have been here before, you may remember an earlier post in which I featured this same fellow. This second piece is not only within the same universe (Los Angeles) but they inhabit the same galaxy (Silver Lake). As I mentioned in the earlier post, I am way into the fact that Space Invader’s art (8-bit monsters) is engaged with it’s medium (tile squares). Not only that, but he seems to have found a way to make his street art as near permanent as possible (being that if you paint over it, it remains and to remove it, you need a hammer and chisel).

Ok, well I have gotten my fill of parenthesis and I hope you have 2.

Location: On the northwest corner of Sunset and Hyperion in Silver Lake

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vacation Bible School

With a piece as moving as this, I find it hard to put my feelings into words. The homeless person/youth leader who created this poster seems to want to raise questions within the viewer. The first being “I thought he or she was trying to tell me that God Works as in he can help me through tough times or can make my life better.” But then the viewer notices the oddly placed apostrophe and wonders, “Is the spun youth leader trying to tell me that God Work IS,” which to be fair, might make sense after of few bumps of glass.

In either case, we all know that this piece would not be with us if it weren’t for our savior, JESUS THE CHRIST.

Location: Just south of 1st and Alameda on the west side of the street in Down Town 90012.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life is a dream...for The London Police

On a day such as this, these words never seemed so powerful…
“Life is a song. Sing it.”
“Life is a dream. Realize it.”
“Life is love. Enjoy it.”

Much like the free stickers on which these beautiful quotes were found, The London Police also seem to believe in simplicity. Thick black lines form picture perfect circles creating a magical world of wondrous creatures on the walls of Los Angeles. This is only the second piece I have seen them in the City of Angels, the other on near by Beverly Blvd.

So next time your puppy is attempting to eat your daisies, remind him The London Police are on the prowl (wink).

Location: Sports L.A. parking lot, 7753 Melrose just east of Fairfax.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Much like 12 year old Kyle Krichbaum, no collection of Los Angeles street art can be complete without Obey’s Shepard Fairy among the ranks.

Although Fairy is considered a “sell out” by some, he continues to straddle the line between street artist and corporate giant. He has essentially written the book on how one can comodify their art, capitalize on that, and subsequently take over the world.

This wheat paste in downtown continues his “Peace” series consisting of men in gas masks, desert scapes, and young women wielding heavy artillery. Although the underlying theme running through out seems a bit easy and hackneyed at times; war images juxtaposed with imagery of peace boiling conflict down to basic ideas of right and wrong. I still like the large scale of this wheat paste, not to mention the thick outlines that seem to channel mid century propaganda posters (another motif that runs through out most of his work).

So next time you are looking for the right vacuum, just remember that Kyle never gave up and neither should you!

Location: On the SW corner of 3rd and Central in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rise One 79: Proud Parent

I think I speak for us all when I say that potty training a toddler is no walk in the park. From the constant need to chant, to ever tedious process of having to refill the red ball of confetti directly above the toilet; it is a situation in which only the biggest hearts survive. One heart seems to beat more proudly than anyone else, Los Angeles’s Rise One 79.

Active in Eagle Rock, Rise at times may seem like a frustrated parent; neglecting his or her kids or in this case, public. But much like a child who has suffered through an abusive relationship with one or more parents, I am thankful for whatever Rise One has to offer, however few and far between it may be.

Remember, the next time you “fall down the stairs” or “trip on a tire iron” to stay on the look out for this NE Los Angeles wheat paster.

Location: On the NE corner of Yosemite and Eagle Rock Blvd, 90042

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Old Chola and TOOF: Team Rainbow

There is nothing more precious then teamwork. Seeing two kids come together, granted at separate times and unintentionally, to wheat paste the same electrical box warms me up inside. Los Angeles veteran wheat paster, Old Chola , and new kid on the block, TOOF, are holding it dooooown in Chinatooooown.

It has been interesting to see Old Chola’s evolution over the past few months. First, I would only see just the woman (see post number 7); then about two months ago much more poster like wheat pastes began popping up. When I say poster I mean the bust of the woman but behind her, spires shot out. Now with this piece, we see her incorporating her name which she has never done on her wheat pastes, just her stickers. Not only does she include her name but she puts it down twice, granted in interesting ways. I really like how she incorporated the “Mi Vida Loca” three dot tattoo on either side of the banner.

As far as the kid TOOF goes, I am fan. I like how well done the shark is and………as I have metioned here before……what makes street art successful kids??? WHEN IT IS ENGAGED WITH IT’S MEDIUM. Good memory; in this case when I say engaged with it’s medium I mean the electrical box not Chinatown.

So next time you are getting some dim sum keep an eye out for TOOF and Old Chola, goooooooo kiiiiiiiiiiiids

Location:Corner of College and Broadway in Chinatown

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PN: Goin' 4 The Gold

PN gets maja props for crawling up into the under belly of 134 bridge 2 throw down. I would guestimate that this piece has to be a least at 85 feet off of the ground, not to mention that the area where it is pasted is not a cake walk to get to.

Discovering this piece made me feel like I had spotted Mew and was in turn that much closer to becoming a Pokemon masta. This is someone who I have not seen before but I can already tell that this kid has bright future of ahead of them.

Next time you find yourself searching for lost golf balls in Arro Seco canyon, look up and GO 4 GOLD!

Location: under the 134 bridge, along the Arro Seco, Pasadena CA

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back To Banksics

Much like Kevin Bacon’s character in the epic film, “Quicksilver,” Banksy knows that this is his time and place to shine.

Placed on a wall easily visible when one heads westbound on Melrose, Banksy seems to be aware of the audience it will reach…Stars, Stars, and more Stars.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, just remember at least you got your youth.

Location:East facing wall, 6900 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90036

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Heart Pounds

Not unlike the much anticipated lunar eclipse that occurred last night, Los Angeles’s, Hearts Pound is someone who seems to be seen once every blue moon

The thing I appreciate most about Hearts Pound includes two things; first I like how he or she works monochromatically, using just a nice shade of maroon. Second, I appreciate how he or she is able to incorporate their name into the composition of the work. What I mean by this is that a lot of the time people may slap their names onto their work solely for recognition, not taking into the consideration the over all flow of the piece…Neck Face
I am looking at you (wink).

So next time you find yourself loitering under the 134 freeway in Eagle Rock, be sure to look up and pay respects to the cuteness of kid wearing clothes that are too big for him.

Location: Just south of the Figueroa exit off the 134 freeway in Eagle Rock.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The thing that I like about this piece or pieces is that I am not sure if it was done by the same person. Hear me out sista, at first glance the two elements, the hand and the pigeon, interact so seamlessly that I didn’t question that they were done by the same person. But as I was drawing I realized that the hand could be the most clever/radicoolest cover up I have ever seen.

Consider this, when most graf artists cover each other up, they simply paint over one another, masking what was once there. Here we have an artist who has realized that successful art is art that is engaged with it’s medium. In this case, instead of slapping paint over the pigeon stencil, someone has decided to respectfully behead it.

Now I could be totally off my mark; the same person could have done both pieces. But that is an answer that at this point in my life I don’t that I am not ready for

Location : Sports L.A. parking lot, 7753 Melrose just east of Fairfax.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kely <3s Buff Monster

There is nothing sweeter than seeing two wheat pastes falling for each other. In this case Kely asks Buff Monster “Can I have you eat my Muff Monster?” Kely seems to be aware of the fact that the Buff Monster is keane on naked women; this notion driven home by the fact that he has photographed and done the artwork for a spread in Hustler (nsfw) (true).

One can only hope that these two kindred spirits find some sort of connection on their opposing sides of this electric box.

Also, the oldest women in the world, Yone Minagawa, died today at the age of 114.

Location: Near the Jack in the Box, on the southwest corner, where Drexel dead ends into Fairfax

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

M-BW Reaches For The Stars

Much like the guy who whips his dong out at the end of Teen Wolf, Los Angeles's M-BW is someone who can’t be missed. Utilizing large sheets of poster paper, M-BW wheat pastes stenciled images of famous people from around the globe in the heart of Hollyweird; providing us with what we all want……Super Star Sightings!

At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of M-BW. Their 2-D stencils of starlets seemed a little trite and, overall, somewhat uninteresting. But then, I came to realize how prolific this person is. I mean everywhere you look, especially on Melrose, you can most likely find one of M-BW’s pieces staring back at you through their Bans. M-BW takes the notion of star sightings one-step further; for every five or so celebs, is a stencil of a cloaked man with a long lens camera waiting for his chance to snap a pic of some famous personality. Through their wheatpastes, M-BW completes the cycle between super celeb and paparazzi, how PO MO.

It is with this that I say “Thanks M-BW” for without you, droves of tourists on their double decker tour buses would leave Hollywood feeling empty, having not seen Harry Dean Stanton or even Michael J. Fox;).

Location: Northside of street near the intersection of Gardner and Melrose, Hollywood, 90036

Friday, August 3, 2007

TOM BOY=King of da Tweens

From street performers to transvestites, I think it is safe to say that we all love LIPSTICK….and NINTENDO.

With his finger directly on the pulse of youth culture, Los Angeles’s TOM BOY is wheat pasting his way towards King of the Tweens. His clean 8-bit aesthetic is so well rendered that Princess Peach might mistake this wheat paste for an item that fell out of her own PURSE!!

And with that, I think I speak for us all when I say, Pucker up Los Angeles, TOM BOY is here.

Location : Sports L.A. parking lot, 7753 Melrose just east of Fairfax.

NOTE: the word "location" is a link to the exact spot on google maps. This is true of all the other posts, just thought I would point it oout.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is Dream Weavrz, coming to you live from downtown Los Angeles, where the third wave of Operation Eagle Claw: A.P.P.L.B is in full effect.

When I used to drive up Alameda, I looked forward to 20mg’s large wheat paste on the side of a toy factory. Sadly the owner decided to paint over it. Now only grey scraps remain of this once grand narcotic. For solidarity reasons, I have resurrected this piece to its former glory for all to see.

Next time you are driving north on Alameda, make sure to say a prayer for our lil’ soldier.

Location: Between 4th and 5th on your eastside while heading north bound.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Old Chola’s First Corporate Endorsement

J/K, Los Angeles’s Old Chola is not the face of any current or future ad campaign; but if you ask me, something smells fishy...

Much like Seizer One, Old Chola wheat pastes essentially the same image over and over. In this case, Old Chola watches the front door of Zach’s fav place to snag fish tacos, Senior Fish. This paste will not be up for long; it is on a sheet of plywood soon to be removed once their remodel is complete.

So hurry on down to Senior Fish and tell ‘um Dream Weavrz sent yuh.

Location: 1st and Alameda, SW corner on Senior Fish, Downtown.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Space Invader Is Outta This World

OPERATION EAGLE CLAW continues today on the front lines of Silver Lake.

French mosaicist, Space Invader, is nothing short of prolific here in the City of Angels. Boasting 109 pieces installed through out the Los Angeles metro area, not to mention, one on the Hollywood sign, Space Invader has sealed his fate as the Crunch Wrap Supreme of tile mosaicists here in Los Angeles.

On the south side of the Sunset Pacific Motel, one can find this 8-bit monster keeping it real despite a layer of white paint. Now before you send smoke signals, claiming continuity errors between my drawing and my description, listen close young brave. After much thought and consideration, I decided to restore the electric blue of the ceramic tiles, bringing back the color that was once there. Mind you, this piece still exists, but more as a specter of what was once there, but there nonetheless. Using ceramic tiles, Space Invader has created a type of street art that can’t just be painted over but must be forcefully removed with a hammer and chisel, pretty xXxKOOLxXx if you ask me.

Location: On the south facing wall of the Sunset Pacific Motel, just west of Bates on Sunset in Silver Lake.

Friday, July 20, 2007

4eighty one: Keeping The Skies Safe

Seeing objects dangling from telephone wires is nothing new, especially if you live in an area of high crystal meth trafficking. The same goes for most Los Angeles residents and seeing 4eightyone’s “berds.” Using a plywood cut out, stencils, thick twine and a combo lock, 4eightyone sends his berds sky high, placing them in intersection after intersection across the vast sprawl of Los Angeles. Through my own observations and with some help from friends, here is a list of intersections where berds can currently be found. 3rd and Western, 3rd and Beverly, Melrose and Milton, Melrose and La Cienaga, Franklin and Bronson, Franklin and Higland, Franklin near Beachwood, Wilshire and Sepulveda, National and Overland,Tracy and Hyperion, La Brea and Venice, and 4th and La Brea. Any third grader can flip the bird, but for Venice based 4eightyone, he has got it down to an art.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thanksy Banksy

This is the first installment of an ongoing restoration project entitled, OPERATION EAGLE CLAW: A.P.T.L.B. (All Poopie Tags Left Behind) where the illustrations I do, do not include mediocre tags on or around said art object.

You know that when you had articles run in The New Yorker and The New York Post, not to mention, a fairly extensive Wikipedia page, that you have hit some sort of world populous saturation. Banksy is the undiable Grande Meal of street art, with a publishing deal with Random House and stencils that are treated more like religious relics then senseless acts of vandalism, he has taken stenciling and street art to a whole new level of acceptance.

The Banksy tag popped up around the time of his Barely Legal show last September. When I spotted the graf, I am not going to lie, I was a bit star struck, entertaining the idea that Banksy had invaded that empty lot and painted the side of that white truck. The interesting thing with this Banksy tag is that it is just a tag, no rats, no queens, nothing even mildly smirk inducing. Only shameless self-promotion and for this reason I am sort of into it. Not that I support shameless self-promotion in any way shape or form, in fact I detest such a thing, but for the Nancy Boy from across the sea, I’ll accept it.

Location: Between Clinton and Kent on Alvarado, on a white truck parked in vacant lot on the east side of the street, in Echo Park 90026.

Friday, July 13, 2007


There is nothing I relish more than an intense visual experience. Ozone seems to agree with me. His wheat pasted image of a mutant man, seemingly melting from a lack of an ozone layer, channels a late eighties/early nineties skateboard decal aesthetic that is nothing short of radicool. The mutated human’s flesh tone has been replaced by an intense dayglo yellow accented by his blood red insides and caped by a blue earth, whose continents have been over exposed to a bright orange. Unlike some people who may be more blatant about their political ideas, and intern, less effective, Ozone is aware of the fact that subtlety is key. Ozone may not be Los Angeles’s most prolific wheat paster; this being only the second time I have seen one of his pastes (the first under the 10 freeway on Santa Fe avenue, now painted over), but any one who uses bright colors is o.k. with me. Ozone……… had me at dayglo.

Location: Just south of Jet Rag Vintage Store, between Waring and Willoughby just north of Melrose on La Brea Avenue, 90038

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Buff Monster VS Revok

I felt quite lucky stumbling upon a large mural Los Angeles street artist the Buff Monster had done. Here was one of his ice cream dream-lands in full Technicolor, enduring the elements at the end of vacant lot since 2004. Looking closer, I noticed that someone had added his or her two cents. But instead of painting over it, in a somewhat respectful way, the artist incorporated his or her tag into the mural. The words “PYSA SEVER REVOK” now shoot out of holes and from behind clouds created by the Buff Monster, or B.M. for short. My one complaint with the addition is that the “E” in SEVER blasts out in front of instead of behind the one monster in the landscape, almost completely covering him up.
Although REVOK gets a B+ for teamwork he receives a C- for sportsmanship. Buff Monster on the other hand, passes with flying colors (wink).

Location: 45 feet North of the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax, NE corner.

NOTE: Buff Monster is releasing a new line of toys and Mindstyle is hosting a launch party. Peep the link above for more 'fo.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Seizer One Loves You

When I think of Seizer One I think black, white, and face. And quite frankly, I’ve seen the face enough. But upon perusing 6th the other day, an electrical box showed me a different shade. Two feet in length, the ordinary photo-shopped shot of himself was bookended by a black heart proclaiming his signature and a red heart containing the words “Loves You.” Although he is sticking with the basic idea of what he knows best, it is refreshing to witness the bounds of an artist’s rhetoric being stretched to a warm and fuzzy new level. For that Seizer One, my bowels truly ache.

Location: SE corner of the intersection of 6th Street and Curson Avenue, due east of the La Brea Tar Pits, 90036.